How we work

Looking for your favourite meal from the likes of McDonald’s, KFC, Nando’s or Burger King? Or would you like groceries such as milk, bread or loo roll? We will facilitate & pick up your food from any restaurant and grocery store of choice and deliver under an hour. We also can delivery any kinds of drinks alcoholic, juices or fizzy. straight to your door. In addition, we get your prepayment electric keys and gas cards topped up for you in case you have ran out of credit. We can pick up your dry cleaning as well and we do have some elderly services as well.

If you are craving a take away, need a small list of groceries delivered, or even require some drinks, you can call us and we will get these items for you and deliver to your door so you don’t have to go through any hassle.

All you have to do is:

1. Call us up at 0793 237 1918 or go to the Order Now link or send us an email at to make your order.

2. We will then give you a call to confirm your order and give you a delivery fee based on your location and estimates of delivery.

3. Once you are happy, you can make the payment via the Pay Now link for the order using PayPal or Cash on Delivery is fine.

We are your single destination for all your favourite online food delivery, groceries, alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks and more. You can count on us…

How to pay

The best and easiest way to pay is via Paypal after we have confirmed your order total including delivery to you. Or, you can pay cash on delivery, if you prefer. However, if we have more than one place to order from and collect for your delivery, that would be £1 extra for an additional place. E.g If you made an order for McDonald’s and wine, then we would have to go to McDonald’s and a garage or store to collect your wine, which would be two(2) places in total.


We give you estimates of times to deliver to your home. We aim to deliver within the hour. If there are any delays out of our control, we update you accordingly. E.g if there a traffic queues, or queues at your desired restaurant, etc.